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Body20 Studio Melrose Arch

Situated on the ground level of the sparkling galleria in Melrose Arch our Body20 studio offers a unique training experience that will leave you wanting more.

Body20 EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) mimics the natural action of our central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to contract our deep muscle fibres. In just a 20-minute training session, your personal trainer will put you through a customised 1 on 1 program – giving your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout.

Depending on your level of fitness and goals, your training session is either low impact (with basic exercises to awaken muscles) or highly intense, with strong contractions and dynamic exercises to activate deep muscle hypertrophy. Body20 trainers customise every program to suit their client, from heavy strength training to fat and cellulite reduction regimes.

Body20 is about results and accountability. InBody20 active progress evaluations enable customers to accurately track results and monitor progress throughout their Body20 training regime.

Our team of nutritionist doctors are available to our members for fast and effective nutrition and lifestyle advice.

A wellness coach will ensure that you will always have someone by your side giving you confidence and guidance when you need it the most. Having a wellness coach means you don’t have to go at things alone.

At Body20 Melrose Arch, you will find a friendly and vibrant team whose prime focus is for you to reach your fitness and strength goals whilst shaping the body you have always dreamt of.

The Body20 experience will change how you look at exercise forever.

Body20 Melrose Arch

Shop 036EF, Lower Galleria, Melrose Arch Shopping Center.

Phone: 066 235 8320

Cell: 082 556 7662

Email: melrose@body20.co.za

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André du Plessis

André du Plessis

André has been involved in numerous positions in the FMCG industry, his experience makes him a suitable studio owner to ensure the studio is managed professionally and standards and performance is kept at the highest possible level. Service level and customer satisfaction is extremely important for him.

"I was looking for a new business opportunity for a few years, as it has always been a priority for me to own my own business and be in control of my own destiny. I have come across Body20 as a member and enjoyed the experience tremendously. I also felt how the product offering can transform and improve my own health mentally and physically. This all increased my curiosity to get involved as a studio owner."

"I want our clients to experience the fully Body20 offering and get as excited and motivated as our staff is. Let’s help you be healthier and spend your training time as effectively as possible to reap the success other Body20 members as become accustomed to."

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