Body20 Studio Klein Windhoek

Long time friends, Andre and Quentin have always had a passion for health and fitness. When the opportunity presented itself for them to work together in the industry they both love, and help other people to achieve a healthy lifestyle, they could not wait to get started.

They are passionate about providing the best service to the Namibian public, ensuring a unique and personalized service to each of the members at their two studios in Windhoek.

Our magnificent Studio is situated in Klein Windhoek, and boasts with the best facilities for our elite clientele. Little ones are always welcome, they can come into the training room with you during your quick 20minute session so you don't need to worry about making alternative arrangements just so you can train.


Come experience our unique Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training, for results driven workouts.

Our passionate team of trainers will ensure a state of the art experience leaving you wanting more... every time!

Our team will help you target those areas that have always pained you: Fat loss, Cellulite & Fat reduction , Strengthening of abdominal muscle, Posture and core, Recovery from sports injuries, Relief from back pain, Improvement of incontinence, Increased muscle definition and much more.

At Klein Windhoek, we offer complimentary meal plans from the Body20 Nutrition Doctor, as well as the 24/7 nutrition assistance via WhatsApp. Following a healthy balanced diet will contribute greatly to the results our members can expect when they are dedicated, and for that reason we are sponsoring this important service on behalf of our valued members to ensure their success.

This is the FUTURE OF FITNESS...

Your life is about to change... All you need to do is ARRIVE.

Body20 Klein Windhoek

Quentin Gouws - Owner
André Huisamen - Owner
Vicki Gouws - Manager/Trainer

Office 3, 308-324, City Plaza, Sam Nujoma Drive, Windhoek, Namibia
Phone: 081 472 6010