We use weekly Inbody assesments to celebrate our customer's results
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InBody Assesments

The InBody is an express body assessment tool that is used to establish a baseline for each client’s body compositions that includes results on the client’s body fat % and lean mass content amongst other valuable information.

InBody active progress evaluations enable our customers to accurately track results and monitor progress throughout their Body20 training regime. Body20 clients together with trained Body20 champs can now monitor muscle imbalances and identify body fat areas to strategically target critical areas with EMS training to achieve maximum results.

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Why choose Us?


The Inbody test provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance. The Inbody utilizes BIA (Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis) method which measures body water by obtaining the impedance index. This test is done on-site at your local Body20 studio.

Why choose Us?

Shift into your best shape yet!

Improve your Inbody score and transform your shape:
- Drop Body fat
- Increase your muscle

Why choose Us?


Inbody active progress evaluations enable our customers to accurately track results and monitor progress throughout their Body20 training regime.

InBody is able to monitor the following values amongst others:

Total Body Weight

Skeletal Muscle Mass

Body Fat Mass

Total Body Water

Percentage Body Fat

Waist Hip Ratio


Basal Metabolic Rate

Increased muscle definition


Age 37

This client is one of those amazing stories you want to shout from the rooftops. The client started out on her MakeOver package as a shy, uncoordinated, unfit individual – not at all convinced that EMS is the way to go OR that it could be effective at all. After just five weeks, she showed MASSIVE improvements in her movement, her confidence levels are up and she lost an amazing 3% body fat.


Age 28

Client has a naturally small build, but upon doing his InBody readings it became apparent that he carries a significant amount of body fat on his small frame. He enjoys exercise in his daily life, but has never been able to achieve the body tone he wanted. After 10 weeks (2 MakeOver Vouchers) he has dropped 5% body fat and another two pants sizes.


Age 40

Client trains twice a week (on contract) and enjoys walking / jogging as a means to de-stress apart from EMS training. She has shown tremendous results in 6 weeks – dropping nearly 2% in body fat and taking into account that client had a bad spell of flu that gave her a slight set back.


Age 52

Client leads an extremely active lifestyle but also has a very stressful career. He has shown tremendous results during his MakeOver Voucher and confirms that he is much stronger and fitter in the sport he trains in.


Age 64

Client was extremely sceptical of EMS training and the results that could be achieved in a 20 minute training session. Due to high demand on his time in a highly stressed business environment, the short training period required convinced him to start a MakeOver Voucher, more than potential results that could be achieved.

This, however, changed very rapidly as he saw amazing results in a very short span of time. After about 6 weeks (he has already started with a second MakeOver voucher), he has already dropped an incredible 6.4% body fat.