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An Award Winning Fitness Franchise

  • Newcomer Franchisor of The Year.
  • Franchisee of The Year.
  • International Fitness Franchise Network with over 60 Body20 Studios in Southern Africa, Australia & the Netherlands.
  • Exclusive and state of the art Wireless Training Technology and Body20 For Life Program.

Introduction and discussion of the Body20 franchise opportunity.

Taking a look at the EMS market and the reasons why it is the fastest growing fitness movement in the world.

Breakdown of the different types of Body20 studios available, the financial model and the strategies applicable to ensure financial success in this market segment.

Interacting with the management team.

A clear vision of the future and the knowledge of what is required to get the results you want.

All the important information, focus and enthusiasm for starting your own Body20 Studio.

Relevant business insights and the opportunity to ask questions of particular relevance to you.

All the answers in short order.

A clear understanding of the next steps

Body20 is currently assembling an elite team of franchise network partners who have the ability to run a successful Body20 Studio, to think strategically and to execute on a daily basis.

Sales and marketing abilities.

A passion for people and love of fitness.

A high standard of people management and communication skills.

The willingness to learn and acquire new skills.

An entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and positive attitude.

The Body20 Franchise Advantage

Earn Subscription Revenue through our Membership Model.

Small Space & Low Staffing Requirements = Low Overheads.

Investment Requirement includes Estimated Setup Costs and Operating Capital.

Lifestyle Orientated Opportunity.


Body20 is leading the EMS fitness revolution and offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs in one of the fastest growing industries within the franchising sector and helps you capitalize on one of the fastest growing fitness movements globally.

Body20’s application is the most holistic health & fitness offering in the world, leveraging EMS training & full body assessment Technologies to provide the most advanced technology training workouts in only 20 minutes, while actively tracking our members’ results through ongoing consultations with our wellness coaches.

Body20 helps franchisees set up their own Body20 EMS Studios to capture huge customer demand and supplies systems and support to ensure ongoing success. The combination of Body20's state of the art EMS Technology, modern personal training and rapid fitness results makes Body20 the most exciting franchise opportunity in fitness this decade.

The appeal of a stronger, fitter you in only 20 minutes per week attracts potential members, along with the strategic membership prices, Body20 retains members through additional offerings which provides owners with multiple revenue streams.

Franchise Support & Training

Structure & Set-Up of Business (consultation, risk management - specific to owner/s)

Onboarding Program

Venue Selection (landlord negotiation, approval, lease review and space planning)

Financial Planning (financial model, cash flow forecast, budget, etc.)

Marketing Plan (specific to location & venue)

Centralized member billing & collections

Body20 Client Relationship Management Software

Franconnect System & Listen360 NPS Member Survey Tool

Additional information

Online Purchase Portal

Operations Manual & Online Training

Franchise & Staff

Training Course

Pre & Post Operational Training

BIZFIT program

Dedicated Franchise Relationship Manager

Ongoing Support



Members looking to tone up, reduce cellulite, build muscle, lose fat or just improve their overall health & fitness will benefit from our Body20 for life Program.

The Body20 for life program is growing due to the following facts:


Rapid results can be achieved in just 20 minutes a week.


Specific muscle groups can be targeted with our exclusive wireless EMS technology.


Body20’s personal training system is safe.


A complete holistic approach with Nutrition Plans & Wellness Coaching.

Members also benefit from:

World class training & assessment technologies
Convenient locations
Affordable memberships
Well trained staff
Free leisure time
Progress & performance monitoring
Self-booking mobile application

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